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Chen's Birthday 2014!

140817 Samsung Galaxy Music Festival - Breath (Chen focus)

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Hey, do you know about someone who had made mini exo members (all of them and each on each own) walking around screensaver for the pc/laptop ? If yes can you please give me the link I can't find it again ;A; I want mini jongdae and kris running around my screen too ~

They’re called shimejis! You can look them up on google. Tumblr user raygunofawesome also has some and answered questions here: http://raygunofawesome.tumblr.com/tagged/shimeji and meltedicecubes made some before: http://meltedicecubes.tumblr.com/post/31048996670

After searching for a few minutes, I couldn’t find any Chen ones - but try googling or searching the tumblr tag, maybe I just didn’t see any ^^